Hall of Fame

The Sheboygan Area Bowling Association Hall of Fame was formed in 1990 to recognize individuals who were dedicated and accomplished bowlers in our association. Being elected into a Hall of Fame is the highest recognition that can be given to any person. New members are inducted at an annual banquet which all bowlers are welcome to attend.

Congratulations to the 2023
Hall of Fame inductees!

(Pictured left to right)

Scott Hurtienne
Michelle Meyer
Tim Felsinger


Must be or have been an adult member of SABA (Sheboygan Area Bowling Association) for a minimum of 25 years. SABA membership includes bowlers who were members of SBA (Sheboygan Bowling Association), and SWBA (Sheboygan Woman’s Bowling Association). Years served in the armed services of the United States of America shall be applied to SABA membership years.

If age 50 or more, must be or have been a member of SABA for a minimum of 10 years.

Must have won at least 1 championship in any of the following SABA tournaments: Association Championship, Match Game, Senior Match or Womens Open. Championship can be singles, doubles, team or all events in either the handicap or scratch division.

Must be, and remain in good standing with USBC and the Sheboygan Area Bowling Association.

Has made meritorious contributions to the game of ten pins, either through bowling and/or promotional skill on the national, state or local level. Pertinent factors in making the foregoing determination shall include but are not limited to leadership, dedication and achievements.

Nomination Process

Any member of the Sheboygan Area Bowling Association (past or present) may nominate.

Nomination deadline will be February 28th of each year. Selection will take place in March of that year. Induction ceremony will take place in May.

A Hall of Fame selection committee will be comprised of the SABA president and vice presidents, and (6) Hall of Fame members selected by the association manager.

Nominees must receive two-thirds of the votes from the selection committee to be granted the honor.

A maximum of four (4) inductees will be inducted each year.

Hall of Fame Members

Tim Felsinger (m)2023
Scott Hurtienne2023
Michelle Meyer2023
Larson, Jeremy2022
Paasch, David (m)2022
Yonan, Keith (m)2022
Meyer, Debbie2021
Vande Vrede, Larry2021
Kilb, Connie2020
Shircel, Jeff2020
Bucko, Darrell2019
Cummings, Phil2019
Schaetzer, Jen2019
Beinemann, Tom (m)2018
DePagter, Elizabeth2018
Gloede, Paul2018
Gmach, Jeremy2018
Schmit, Steve2018
Barber, Heather2017
Firgins, Tim2017
Richter, Steve2017
Koeller, Ann2016
Sabol, Brian2016
Schmitz, Wes2016
Borkenhagen, Karen2015
Felsinger, Shirley2015
Gmach, Kevin2015
Hoppert, Steve2015
Bersch, Annette2014
Heidenreiter, Verne2014
Hilbert, Paula2014
Miller, Mike2014
Richardson, Donna2013
Walters, Mike2013
Aktinson, Drew (m)2012
Ryss, Russell2012
Seering, Tom2012
Vugrinovich, Laura2012
Cleveland, Scott (m)2011
Duessing, Rick2011
Fleisner, Keith2011
Mayer, Doris2011
Musiel, Chris2011
Brunnbauer, Joe Sr (m)2010
Cavanaugh, Dan2010
Frischmann, Christine2010
Long, Linda2010
Sartori, Steve2010
Bardon, Dave (m)2009
Feudner, Mike2009
Schmidt, Rod2009
Schroeder, Denise2009
Weber, Mary2009
Brunnbauer, Ken (m)2008
Cavanaugh, Deb2008
Kosup, Dick (m)2008
Matzdorf, Dick2008
Stichert, Jean2008
Walczak, Karen2008
Zimmermann, Ken (m)2008
Brunnbauer, Joe2007
Darling, Keith2007
Jones-Miller, Debby2007
Kilb, Clint2007
Mooney, Kari2007
Diener, Fred2006
Hajenga, Don2006
Reinthaler, Janice2006
Wagner, Michael2006
Yurk, Janet2006
Dirks, Melvin2005
Enders, John2005
Levens, Shirley2005
Schoerner, Bev2005
Zitzer, Doris2005
Butterfield, Jane2004
Enders, Marie2004
Gasper, Gary2004
Gloede, Ruth2004
Gross, Phil2004
Horzen, Rick2004
Klemme, Roger2004
Retzack, Tom2004
Wagner, Judy2004
Burhop, William2003
Gutschow, Robert (m)2003
Kaminski, Anton2003
Ledeboer, Bruce2003
VanEss, Cliff (m)2003
Abstetar, Helen2002
Grahl, August2002
Klessig, Edward2002
Leibham, Richard (m)2002
Liermann, Judy2002
Stoelting, Bonnie2002
Eisenhardt, Loretta2001
Norris, Mary Jane2001
Oldenburg, Betty2001
Sauger, Jan2001
Schieble, Harold2001
Splittgerber, James2001
Weber, Richard2001
Hajenga, Gail2000
Jones, Charles2000
Lindsay, Murray2000
Steinpreis, Nancy2000
Beineman, Mary1999
Frantz, Hilda1999
Fritsch, Edward1999
Heraty, Catherine1999
Norgaard, Charles1999
Shircel, Edward1999
Simenz, Anton1999
Stichert, Robert (m)1999
Van Ess, Mavis1999
Feldner, Dave1998
Healy, Ken1998
Hermann, Rollie1998
Jacky, JoAnn1998
Kulow, Jorja1998
Reklaitis, Grace1998
Sonntag, Fabian (m)1998
Sweet, Loraine1998
Yurk, Jerry1998
Deskevich, William1997
Haack, Esther1997
Heidenreiter, Dolores1997
Horzen, Jim1997
Putnam, Ray (m)1997
Soch, Bernie1997
Witt, Elfrieda1997
Wolfert, Nell1997
Den Boer, Donna1996
Kohn, Connie1996
Nett, Cathy1996
Ninnemann, Hertha1996
Pelkin, Dwight (m)1996
Starck, Al Jr1996
Berger, Kathie1995
Jones, Mary1995
Jensema, Judy1995
Kuhfus, Ken1995
Paske, Delores1995
Reklaitis, Randy1995
Marquardt, Eloise1994
Nelson, Lisa1994
Ploeckelmann, Dennis1994
Remy, Diane1994
Felsinger, Alice1993
Karbe, Wilbert1993
Kalk, Lu Ellen1993
Mervar, John Sr1993
Ninnemann, Arnold1993
Biederwolf, LaVerne1992
Grasse, Marge1992
Mahnke, Howard1992
Raatz, Clarence (m)1992
Reinke, Willard1992
Richter, Harvey1992
Schroeder, Mildred1992
Weaver, Charlotte1992
Groeschl, Jeanne1991
Horn, Shirley1991
Jerale, Marge1991
Larson, Clayton (m)1991
Ninnemann, Arthur1991
Rutkauskas, Joseph1991
Schonemann, Betty1991
Schmidler, Lilly Ann1991
Weber, Norman1991
Mervar, William (m)1990
Mueller, Rollie1990
Reklaitis, Walter1990
Skeris, John1990
Stempihar, August1990
Wilsing, Carl1990